Louisville Orchestra Resorts to Craigslist for Musicians

In mid November, the Louisville Orchestra voted down their latest contract offer.  In an interview with the Courier Journal, violinist Clark Markham said they could not abide with a 20% pay cut and no job security while being forbidden to perform elsewhere.

Louisville Orchestra Performing with Dashboard Confessional

{link:http://www.flickr.com/photos/jasonweinberger/sets/72157622843018522/detail/}Louisville Orchestra Performing with Dashboard Confessional{/link}

The orchestra has been in a tight financial situation and filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection last December.  Louisville Music News states they are “so broke that they have to advertise for replacement players on Craigslist.”  But wait, that may not be such a bad idea!  They probably did it knowing there are lots of musicians looking for jobs on Craigslist, without even realizing the amplification effect it might have.  After doing a Google search for “Louisville Orchestra on Craigslist,” I discovered the news was also picked up by WDRB and a variety of online forums for musicians.

It seems that successful musicians stepping down are giving new talent the opportunity to step up. The ad states a wage of at least $925 per week with a minimum of 30 weeks of employment guaranteed. The benefits include medical insurance, life insurance, and instrument insurance.  This seems like it would be an attractive offer for many musicians. For those with enough experience who are looking to play in a professional symphonic orchestra, it could be a great opportunity!



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