Jessica Sanchez Will Win American Idol 2012 (Prediction)

I must admit, I do not follow every episode of American Idol. However, my family and girlfriend do, so I catch some of it as well. I have seen a few performances by Jessica Sanchez and she is AMAZING! This small 16 year old girl has a huge voice, consistently nails her performances, and has the stage presence of someone who has been doing it for decades. Jessica Sanchez is a true natural. Just by watching her on stage, it is apparent that she is fully engaged and absolutely in love with the moment.

Jessica Sanchez Singing on American Idol

{link:} Jessica Sanchez Performs on American Idol {/link}

Upon reading her article on Wikipedia, I discovered something else admirable about Sanchez. She is humble. She obviously does not have a boastful personality, as can be seen on American Idol. However, according to one of her middle school teachers from the past, she didn’t even brag around school about performing the National Anthem at a San Diego Chargers home game. The article states “she preferred to stay in the background.” We can all breath a sigh of relief when we see someone with her level of talent who doesn’t present herself as if she is the most important person in the room.

I know the judges recently had to save her, but perhaps voters thought she was safe and overlooked her. Contestants have really stepped it up on American Idol Season 11 and there is an immense amount of talent. It’s going to be a close one, but I predict Jessica Sanchez will win this year. What do you think?

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  • Seageorge7

    Jessica Sanchez will win the American Idol 2012. Vote for Jessica Sanchez!!!!

  • Julie

    She made it into the finale!!  Go Jessica!!!!!

    • Todd Millett

      I know! I am super excited about it! Hope she wins! Phillip Phillips is pretty awesome too though! He is probably my second favorite. Either way, I am sure both of them will go on to do great things and make amazing music!

      • Elmer E. Encinas

         Thank you for being one of the few with a broad mind to say that she really is quite humble. A lot of haters are turning blind claiming that she is arrogant, self centered, untalented and without emotions just because their chosen Idol did not have enough votes to stay on or they vote for looks alone. Remembering that she has some Asian roots and Native American both these culture are known for humility or self aversion,for us Filipinos the perennial  “po” as a sign of respect to the elderly so I an thankful to you for this article. I do hope with grace of GOD and the diligence of voters that Jessica reaches her dream cause she deserves it.

        • Todd Millett

          No problem! She is definitely humble. Thank you for stopping by to read and comment on the post! I appreciate you sharing your knowledge about her background. Very interesting! I agree, she totally deserves it and I hope she makes it! I think she will!

          • Elmer E. Encinas

             Most Filipinos are praying but it will all depend on her family’s current home which is America and its people(hope the Mexican side of her are also voting,they seem to be quiet compared to us over proud Filipinos lol) if she gets the title American Idol. My fingers crossed…

          • Todd Millett

            You can’t be too proud! She’s amazing! My fingers are crossed as well!