Song In Progress: The Way Around (Stage 1)

I have decided to try something new. Instead of waiting until I am completely finished with a song, I will show you a song I have been working on. I plan to write lyrics and add background music, as well as possibly changing around the overall structure a bit, if necessary. For now, I titled the song “The Way Around,” but it is likely that I will change the title once I come up with the lyrics. Once the song is complete, I will put it on my blog. Take a look at the video below and please share your thoughts!



For those of you who are audio recording junkies like I am; here is how I placed the microphones to record the acoustic guitar. The SM-57 was close-up, right near the strings and just above the soundhole. The other mic is a Rode NT-1A that I placed further away to capture more of a room sound. I opened the drawers hoping it might serve as a makeshift sound diffuser so the sound waves wouldn’t all reflect in the same manner.  This is how I record the acoustic guitar in most circumstances. In the past, I have panned one channel left and the other right. However, this time I discovered there is a better overall sound when I duplicated each channel and then pan one copy of each left, and the other copy right. This recording is completely dry. I did not add any effects. Please share your input and advice in the comments below!
EDIT: Stage 2 is now complete.

Microphones set up for recording an acoustic guitar

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