Yanni Mesmerizes at The Louisville Palace

I stated in my previous post I would write about my reaction after seeing Yanni at The Louisville Palace. Although this is not typically my kind of music, I was excited about this concert because it is always good to venture from the norm. In order for musical taste to evolve, you have to let it.

With Yanni and his orchestra of 15 masterful musicians, the show was nothing short of astonishing. When sitting in front of their stage, it is very apparent these people have worked ridiculously hard to get to where they are today. Fulfilling the vast amount of talent Yanni’s compositions demand, the performers have rightfully earned their place in the band.

The highlight of the concert was watching all of the soloists. Mary Simpson and Samvel Yervinyan both rocked the stage on their violins, Victor Espinola tore it up on the harp, and Jason Carder took the cornet to new levels (The cornet is similar to the trumpet, but according to Yanni, it wasn’t even made to produce the sounds Carder was able to achieve). The audience was amazed by Alexander Zhiroff on the cello and Gabriel Vivas on the bass guitar. The vocals from Lauren Jelencovich in “Nightingale” and the drum solo by Charlie Adams in “Marching Season” were unbelievable!

The videos below showcase some of my favorite parts. They aren’t from the same concert, but I tried to find the most recent ones.


“The Storm” – Violin, Trumpet, and Harp Solos

Although Jason Carder plays the trumpet in this video, he played the cornet at the Louisville Palace.


“Nightingale” – Vocals by Lauren Jelencovich


“Marching Season” – Drum Solo from Charlie Adams

If you haven’t seen Yanni live, I encourage you to do so if you have the opportunity in the future. If you have, please share your experience in the comments below!

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