American Idol Final 2 Breakdown: Jessica Sanchez VS Phillip Phillips

About a month ago, I made a prediction that Jessica Sanchez will win American Idol. She is now in the final two with my second favorite contestant, Phillip Phillips. Although I still stand by my prediction, I have a feeling it is going to be a close one. Both contestants fully deserve their place in the final two, and they will both go on to have very successful careers. I am amazed by the amount of young talent that has come out of the woodwork during this season! To put it in perspective, I believe both Phillips and Sanchez have a strong chance of becoming as renowned as Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood. These aren’t the type of contestants whose fame will go by the wayside once American Idol Season 12 begins. They are both young minds with the potential to take on leading roles in the music industry in years to come.

While there are hundreds of factors that could drive votes to either American Idol contestant, here is a breakdown of some of Jessica Sanchez’s and Phillip Phillips’ key strengths:

Jessica Sanchez

  • American Idol Contestant Jessica Sanchez

    Youth: Sanchez is 16 years old; five years younger than Phillips. She could make history as the youngest winner ever on American Idol. It is uncommon to find such a huge amount of talent from someone her age. People will be anxious to see what she brings to the table in the future.

  • Broad Audience: Teenage girls will likely find it easy to idolize Jessica Sanchez. However, her song selections appeal to people of all ages. Most of them are classic vocal ballads such as “You Are So Beautiful” by Joe Cocker and “I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing” by Aerosmith. All generations can recognize and find aspects they enjoy in these songs.

  • Power Vocals: A true power vocalist whose voice leaves you speechless with chills running down your spine is a rare thing. Jessica Sanchez does this for her fans. She can take on any song and wrap her voice around it to make an unforgettable moment for those in front of the stage.

  • Internet Hype: Is it just me, or does there seem to be more internet hype about Jessica Sanchez? I googled “American Idol Predictions 2012″ and filtered the results to view only those published in the past week. It seems the majority of the articles and comments are from fans of Jessica Sanchez. I also searched “American Idol Final 2″ on Twitter. Many of the tweets are from people who are excited about Sanchez being in the finale. However, this is not a tell-all. Jessica Sanchez fans may simply blog, comment, and tweet more than Phillip Phillips fans.

Phillip Phillips

  • American Idol Finalist Phillip Phillips

    Boldness: From the moment Phillips went against everything Tommy Hilfiger and Jimmy Iovine advised him, deciding to wear gray on gray and play the guitar on stage, Philips left a lasting impression on American Idol fans. From that point on, he was no longer thought of as “Phillip Phillips: American Idol contestant.” Our minds were reprogrammed to think “Phillip Phillips: Edgy American Idol contestant who doesn’t play by the rules and wants the music to speak for itself.”

  • Mystery: I established that we think of Phillips as edgy. However, he is obviously not the typical tattoos-and-mohawk-motorcycle-riding-party-animal type of edgy. Phillips has more of a “What is he going to do next?” appeal. He seems like an average, down-to-earth guy, yet knows how to shock people. Phillips does what he wants instead of what he is told.

  • Overcoming Obstacles: Phillip Phillips will be undergoing kidney surgery directly after the American Idol finale. His doctor pressed for him to have the surgery sooner, but he decided to stick it out through the rest of the season. Many voters who are on the fence will be swayed by Phillip Phillips’ drive and devotion through all of his struggles. However, that is not to say this would be the sole reason for him gaining votes. His talent is what has brought him to this point and will be what takes him to victory if he wins.

  • Festival Music: Young, hip, festival-seekers may find Phillips intriguing. Fans of artists like Dave Matthews and Jack Johnson are surely more likely to vote for Phillips; at least those of them who watch American Idol.

I am a fan of both Jessica Sanchez and Phillip Phillips. No matter who wins, I will be happy! You know my prediction. Now, what’s yours? Please share in the comments below!

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