Musical Score For Thriller Movie Trailer: Man Hunt

When I was in college at The University of Louisville, I took a couple video production classes. I really enjoyed learning about planning and producing videos! For one of my video projects, I was in a group of two with a girl named Stacey. We made a trailer for a made up thriller movie called “Man Hunt.” I took the opportunity to make a musical score for the video. I also got to produce the sound effects, except for the rain and the gunshot. The sounds from the car doors and keys were recorded after the fact and dubbed into the video.

During the project, Stacey and I both had super busy schedules. We were only able to find one time slot outside of class that we were both free to film. It happened to rain that day! We considered calling it off, but Stacey was a trooper. She made a make-shift water protector for her camera out of a plastic bag, and we were on our way. Turns out, the rain made the film more dramatic! Since our time was crunched and the weather wasn’t great, we filmed many of the scenes in one take. This is DEFINITELY not recommended, but we managed to make those takes count! We both got a good laugh watching ourselves in the movie trailer after it was finished.

If you or anyone you know needs a musical score, let’s work together! You can contact me here.

If you need help with video production (for events as well), you can get in touch with Stacey through her company Facebook page.

If you don’t need either of those things, that’s cool too! Thanks for checking out the video, and feel free to comment below if you’d like.

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