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Phillip Phillips Wins American Idol

Phillip Phillips Wins American Idol 2012

It turns out my prediction for American Idol was off! Jessica Sanchez was very close, but Phillip Phillips became our new American Idol in the end.

American Idol 2012 Final 2: Jessica Sanchez VS Phillip Phillips

American Idol Final 2 Breakdown: Jessica Sanchez VS Phillip Phillips

About a month ago, I made a prediction that Jessica Sanchez will win American Idol. She is now in the final two with my second favorite contestant, Phillip Phillips. Although I still stand by my prediction, I have a feeling it is going to be a close one. Both contestants fully deserve their place in the final two, and they will both go on to have very successful careers.

Jessica Sanchez Performing on American Idol

Jessica Sanchez Will Win American Idol 2012 (Prediction)

I must admit, I do not follow every episode of American Idol. However, my family and girlfriend do, so I catch some of it as well. I have seen a few performances by Jessica Sanchez and she is AMAZING! This small 16 year old girl has a huge voice, consistently nails her performances, and has the stage presence of someone who has been doing it for decades.