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Louisville Tuned Twitter Account: It’s Me!

In January, I created the Twitter account @LouisvilleTuned so I could tweet about Louisville music, news, reviews, and events… but mostly Louisville music! Nearly all of my followers have no idea who is behind the account, but I have been tweeting on it almost every day.


Yanni Mesmerizes at The Louisville Palace

I stated in my previous post I would write about my reaction after seeing Yanni at The Louisville Palace. Although this is not typically my kind of music, I was excited about this concert because it is always good to venture from the norm. In order for musical taste to evolve, you have to let it.

Yanni Performing at The Louisville Palace

Tomorrow night, I will be going to see Yanni at The Louisville Palace. Although it doesn’t fall into my usual musical taste, I can definitely dig it! He is a huge inspiration to people all over the globe, and his musical compositions have a one of a kind sound that have landed him two Grammy nominations.

Louisville Orchestra with Dashboard Confessional

Louisville Orchestra Resorts to Craigslist for Musicians

In mid November, the Louisville Orchestra voted down their latest contract offer.  In an interview with the Courier Journal, violinist Clark Markham said they could not abide with a 20% pay cut and no job security while being forbidden to perform elsewhere.