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Musical Score For Thriller Movie Trailer: Man Hunt - Featured Image

Musical Score For Thriller Movie Trailer: Man Hunt

When I was in college at The University of Louisville, I took a couple video production classes. I really enjoyed learning about planning and producing videos! For one of my video projects, I was in a group of two with a girl named Stacey. We made a trailer for a made up thriller movie called “Man Hunt.” I took the opportunity to make a musical score for the video.


Premiere Video Blog Post: Production of the Song “Driving”


To start, I would like to thank you for being among the first to view my blog and become a part of this experience.

When I was a young child, I remember writing song lyrics.  This was before music lessons.  I was probably seven or eight when I began to wonder if my songs were long enough to be on the radio.  One day, I turned on the radio, waited for a new song to start playing, and then I sang my song out loud to find out how its length compared to the radio song.  Of course, nobody was around when I did this.  In fact, at that stage in life, I kept my songwriting hobby mostly to myself. Thinking back, I came to an important realization.  Although nobody else in my family was ever extremely musical, I had the desire to make music rooted deep within me from  the very beginning.