Wonderwall Piano Cover / Improv

Wonderwall Piano Cover / Improv

Finally, I made a new video. I definitely need to get the lighting and angle better next time… But hey, the music is what counts! I’ve been having fun using it as More »

The Way Around - Stage 2 Featured Image

Song In The Making: The Way Around (Stage 2)

About a week and a half ago I recorded the beginning stage of a song in the making called “The Way Around.” Last night, I recorded stage 2. I have written the More »

Musical Score For Thriller Movie Trailer: Man Hunt - Featured Image

Musical Score For Thriller Movie Trailer: Man Hunt

When I was in college at The University of Louisville, I took a couple video production classes. I really enjoyed learning about planning and producing videos! For one of my video projects, More »


Yanni Mesmerizes at The Louisville Palace

I stated in my previous post I would write about my reaction after seeing Yanni at The Louisville Palace. Although this is not typically my kind of music, I was excited about More »

Song In Progress: The Way Around (Stage 1)

I have decided to try something new. Instead of waiting until I am completely finished with a song, I will show you a song I have been working on. I plan to More »

New Song: Spring Dreamland

I had a dream where I was playing the beginning melody of this song a couple nights ago. I decided to record it today and make a full song out of it. Although it didn’t turn out how I had expected, I am happy with the outcome. That’s part of what makes music so rewarding! After playing the initial melody, I improvised on the piano for awhile before returning to the melody again.

Jessica Sanchez Performing on American Idol

Jessica Sanchez Will Win American Idol 2012 (Prediction)

I must admit, I do not follow every episode of American Idol. However, my family and girlfriend do, so I catch some of it as well. I have seen a few performances by Jessica Sanchez and she is AMAZING! This small 16 year old girl has a huge voice, consistently nails her performances, and has the stage presence of someone who has been doing it for decades.

Song In Progress: The Way Around (Stage 1)

I have decided to try something new. Instead of waiting until I am completely finished with a song, I will show you a song I have been working on. I plan to write lyrics and add background music, as well as possibly changing around the overall structure a bit, if necessary.

Upright Piano Hammers and Strings

The Piano I Grew Up Playing

This is the piano I learned to play on. It is a Starck upright piano that sounds amazing! You can hear me playing it in my video of me performing Mesmerized. I hope you enjoy the photos!

Starck Acoustic Upright Piano

Home Recording Studio With Carpet

20 Home Recording Studio Photos From Audio Tech Junkies

I consider myself lucky to live in a time period when recording technology is developing so rapidly. When I was a child, I never thought it would be possible to produce professional sounding music at home. With the increase in affordable home studio equipment came a new breed of tech junkies. Sometimes, I like to look at photos of other home recording studios to get ideas. Here are some I thought were worth sharing.

Writing the “Perfect” Song

I wrote the following entry on April 24, 2008.  I came across it going through some of my old stuff and I realized my viewpoint on songwriting is still very similar.

For a long time I have been wondering whether the songs I write influence the way I live, or if the way I live influences my songs.  On my way home from work today, I was thinking about it and I may have figured it out.  The answer was obvious but I had never thought about it before.  I believe they influence each other.

YouTube Videos That Inspire Me

As you probably know, YouTube is more than just a place to find your favorite popular music video or highlights from television shows you like. It can be used to discover things that are not extremely commercial or mainstream, yet sometimes even more impressive.

Louisville Orchestra Resorts to Craigslist for Musicians

In mid November, the Louisville Orchestra voted down their latest contract offer.  In an interview with the Courier Journal, violinist Clark Markham said they could not abide with a 20% pay cut and no job security while being forbidden to perform elsewhere.

Popular Music: Simple Sells

Complexity is a key ingredient in many great musical compositions, but that doesn’t mean it is absolutely necessary to intrigue people.  In fact,  simple compositions with just a few chords are often the ones to become huge hits.  Listeners don’t always choose the music they like based on how impressed they are with the musicianship.  In most instances, the ability to relate or enjoy oneself while listening is what draws in the audience.

Beautifully Awkward Music Performances

When it comes to performing music on stage, there are two ends of the spectrum: the planners and the instinctive performers. The planners are the ones with lots of choreography, stage props, costumes, and special effects to impress the audience.  The instinctive performers are the ones who go with the flow.  Habits and impulse drive their movements on stage, although the performance may still take place on a stage with a well-planned setup.