Wonderwall Piano Cover / Improv

Wonderwall Piano Cover / Improv

Finally, I made a new video. I definitely need to get the lighting and angle better next time… But hey, the music is what counts! I’ve been having fun using it as More »

The Way Around - Stage 2 Featured Image

Song In The Making: The Way Around (Stage 2)

About a week and a half ago I recorded the beginning stage of a song in the making called “The Way Around.” Last night, I recorded stage 2. I have written the More »

Musical Score For Thriller Movie Trailer: Man Hunt - Featured Image

Musical Score For Thriller Movie Trailer: Man Hunt

When I was in college at The University of Louisville, I took a couple video production classes. I really enjoyed learning about planning and producing videos! For one of my video projects, More »


Yanni Mesmerizes at The Louisville Palace

I stated in my previous post I would write about my reaction after seeing Yanni at The Louisville Palace. Although this is not typically my kind of music, I was excited about More »

Song In Progress: The Way Around (Stage 1)

I have decided to try something new. Instead of waiting until I am completely finished with a song, I will show you a song I have been working on. I plan to More »

Should I Use Auto-Tune? How Pitch Correction Affects Music

There has been a lot of debate floating around lately in the world of music production regarding auto-tune: particularly whether or not it should be used and whether it is helping or harming the music industry.  Some people swear by it while others are totally against it.  On the other hand, some individuals are still undecided, which is probably what brings you here.  After coming across an article on Examiner.com called “Auto-tune is it good or bad for music?” I was inspired to offer my input on the matter.

Premiere Video Blog Post: Production of the Song “Driving”

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To start, I would like to thank you for being among the first to view my blog and become a part of this experience.

When I was a young child, I remember writing song lyrics.  This was before music lessons.  I was probably seven or eight when I began to wonder if my songs were long enough to be on the radio.  One day, I turned on the radio, waited for a new song to start playing, and then I sang my song out loud to find out how its length compared to the radio song.  Of course, nobody was around when I did this.  In fact, at that stage in life, I kept my songwriting hobby mostly to myself. Thinking back, I came to an important realization.  Although nobody else in my family was ever extremely musical, I had the desire to make music rooted deep within me from  the very beginning.